Well-Being Pursuit Challenge

As we continue to adapt to the new “normal,” it becomes increasingly obvious that some of the best defenses we have to cope with the situation stem from our well-being! While everyone’s situation and experience is unique, the pursuit of improved health and well-being can connect us all.

In this challenge, we encourage you to pursue your well-being by completing daily activities to help you feel your best. As you move through the challenge, use the tips below as a starting point. Additionally, this checklist can help you track daily behaviors you can complete toward this challenge.

We encourage you to complete at least one activity each day, so at the end of the challenge you can feel the cumulative effects of your efforts. Remember, small steps can add up to big gains!


To join this challenge: Go to ‘Challenges’ on your Health Advocate portal and select ‘Join’ under the “Well-Being Pursuit Challenge”

Completing this 4-week challenge will earn you 40 points towards the NTIC Wellness Program